Know Yourself

Know Yourself

An understanding of your aptitudes, interests and aspirations along with awareness of the emerging educational and career trends will facilitate an ideal choice.

Inform Yourself

Inform Yourself

Information is power! The right information at the right time will get you to the right opportunity. We have the latest on courses, campuses and careers for you in our Career Spectrum.

Plan for Yourself

Plan for Yourself

We facilitate an ideal road map for your future by helping you to understand your interests and aptitudes and give you detailed information and guidance on the career options best suited to you.

Career Counselling And Guidance

Career Counselling And Guidance

Consult ICS’ eminent team of counsellors who have conducted career counselling and guidance programmes in more than 200 leading schools as well as colleges and universities.

About ICS

The Institute for Career Studies (ICS International) established in 1985 by Dr Amrita Dass, has an international presence  and experience of over three decades in providing career guidance and counselling services as well as conducting a broad spectrum of educational and training programmes.

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Make informed choices from among the infinite careers available for you today.

Explore the top global universities/colleges and find your dream campus.

Magical mantras to empower you in maximizing your true potential for success in every sphere.

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