Meera Subramanyam, President

Army Wives Welfare Association

Many thanks for your advice and support. It is greatly appreciated and will be    beneficial for all our career counselling centres.

H. Ravi (Heat Treatment)

Bay Forge Limited Chennai

This excellent programme helped me to develop my will power and can do attitude.

R. Ramesh (Q.A.)

Bay Forge Limited Chennai

The training programme was very useful to me. I would like to participate again in such a wonderful programme to improve my personal skills.

J.T. Devanandan (Machine Shop)

Bay Forge Limited Chennai

The faculty presentation was very good. It enlightened me.

M. Krishna Kumar (Marketing)

Bay Forge Limited Chennai

The seminar was very useful in re-enforcing the concept of working as a team with proactive and procreative approach and also with a vision to be driven along with venture and motivation.

Mihir Swarup

Executive, All India Radio

The session was stress relieving, enlightening and a useful one.

Sushant K Routray

Manager (HR), TELCO

We would like to thank you and your distinguished team, for conducting the training programme ‘Understanding Human Behaviour’, for our Supervisors. The invaluable inputs and the resulting enthusiasm inculcated in the participants during the training has been very well received.

Apoorva Kapoor

Senior Officer (HR), Tata Motors

We have received great feedback from the participants. They have been given really valuable inputs that will help them in improving their managerial competencies.

Lakshmi Kamran

Asst. Manager, National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD)

The programme was excellent. The motivation and synergy built is inexpressible. No words can be expressed for the wonderful programme.

Pankaj Suri

(Sr. Executive H.R. & Admin.), Tata Concorde Motors, Lucknow.

ICS provided extensive and valuable inputs during the training programme. The training content, pedagogy and methodology were excellent.

Chief General Manager

State Bank of India Lucknow

Your programme was very informative and was very well received by all. Your inputs will go a long way in encouraging our officials to perform their roles meaningfully.

Kanica Yashi-XI

The Indian High School, Muscat

“It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!”

Rohitashwa Nandy – XII

Mayo College Boys School, Ajmer

“The workshop was fabulous, interesting and captivating. ICS is an ideal institute for the Indian youth, instills self-confidence and belief. Dr. Amrita Dass’ presence is dynamic and intellectual. She weaves magic! Thank you!”

Vignesh Shridharan – XII

Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

An enlightening programme. The assessment of my areas of aptitude was extremely helpful.

Sania Galundia-X

Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer

“An amazing programme which helps you to discover your hidden capabilities and nurture them in the right direction.”

Amit Gupta-X

The Doon School, Dehradun

“The programme was an eye-opener! I learnt that it is not our talent, but the wise application of our talent which makes us successful in life.”

Pooja Varier – XI

The Modern High School, Dubai

I think ICS is the best thing that has ever happened and the interest the counselors take in shaping up our future is simply amazing. ICS has given me a clear-cut idea of what to do after school. Thank U ICS!!

Joseph Abraham

B.A. Mathematics (Hons), St Stephens College, Delhi

“It is indeed through your advice and counseling that I did choose to do Math, a choice that I doubt I will ever regret. Before that I was focused on doing engineering and had even signed up for coaching classes every Sunday, something that I never enjoyed. When you saw that I had an aptitude for mathematics you immediately advised me to do B.A/B.Sc in Math in either St. Stephens or St. Xaviers. You even called my parents and made them understand that I should follow my heart and not the hearts of others. I would like to thank you for all the guidance you gave me and hope you continue to touch many lives. I hope that you will continue to guide me with whatever doubt I have. Thank you!!!”

Shanti Verma

Advisor, Indian Council for Secondary Education

“We truly appreciate your valuable advice and excellent inputs regarding the Council for Vocational Education.”

Bro. Berchmas

Provincial, Patrician Schools

“It has definitely enriched my own knowledge. We would be happy to network with ICS and take full benefit of its expertise.”

Avnita Bir

Principal, R. N. Podar School, Mumbai

“The pleasure and privilege was all mine. As I mentioned earlier some of the
thoughts expressed during the seminar were so poignant and
thought-provoking. I believe we are a country of paradoxes and quite
confused about how to balance some of the challenges ahead of us. A lot of
it is also rhetoric and I wish we could get down to basics and see what our
children are all about and if we can keep them in the centre of all our

Dr. Jonathan Long

Principal, Woodstock School, Mussoorie
  • “What a magnificent event - drawing together a richly diverse group and
    setting the scene for many inspiring conversations. My compliments and
    congratulations to you and your team for masterminding this brilliant

Geeta Kumar

Former Director, Study Hall, Lucknow

“I wanted to congratulate you on an extremely well planned and
beautifully executed Seminar. It was very heartening to meet and share
experiences with people engaged in similar work with equal passion.
Thank you once again”.

Prof. Geeta Kingdon

Chair of Education Economics and International Development Institute of Education, University of London, UK

“Thank you profusely for the honour of the school leadership award. It was a wonderful seminar. It was a really high class event which was a pleasure to attend.”

John Mason

Former Headmaster, The Doon School, Dehradun
  • “I would like you to know how much I appreciate your support and your encouragement of the boys of the school.”

Lakshmi Ramachandran

Lakshmi Ramachandran


“The career guidance and aptitude-testing programme conducted by ICS at The Millennium School, Dubai was a great success. Our pupils and their parents were effusive in their praise. They found it extremely informative and useful. Our pupils having got an insight into their own potential have gained greater confidence and now work more purposefully. The session with our teachers too was extremely rewarding. Our ability to motivate our pupils and creativity has been further enhanced.

Jyotsna Brar

FormerPrincipal, Welham Girls’ School- Dehradun

“The feedback of the students is very encouraging and is indicative of the benefit that they have received from this programme. The response from the parents has also been overwhelming. Thank you once again for your valuable contribution.”

Darryl Bloud

Former Principal, The Modern High School, Dubai

“Every year we wonder how the programme can get better because the standard in the first year itself was so high. However, year after year you have come up with something innovative and refreshing, which has contributed to the success of the programme. Our pupils and innumerable happy parents have all benefited from your professionalism and expertise. I have received tremendous positive feedback from parents.”