Payment and Refund Policy

All students, parents, customers, or any person(s) interested in availing of services for themselves and/or their wards or other identified beneficiaries, (henceforth “payee”) hereby record that the availing of services is strictly and exclusively subject to the payment and refund policy herein contained and overrides and/or supersedes any other terms and conditions (if any) elsewhere on the website, advertisement, pamphlets or otherwise.

1. Acknowledgement of Condition Precedent to Payment

The payee hereby recognizes and acknowledges that counselling is a highly subjective area of services. ICS Education Ltd. (henceforth “ICS”) does not claim any end use applicability, improvement or assured benefit of its services but only offers to give advice, aid and guidance which may or may not be helpful or to the satisfaction of the payee. The point of fulfillment of the service is it’s rendition by ICS and not its absorption, utilization or benefit by the payee. If the payee is a minor, the payee acknowledges that they have the consent of their parents/guardians to avail the products or services paid for.

2. Time of Payment

All payments are to be made in advance and before the assigned due date, if any, failing which any registration shall be invalid. In case where ICS has permitted payment through instalments, the instalments shall be paid not later than the designated due dates. 

3. Mode of Payment. 

The mode of payment shall be cash against receipt, direct bank transfer, payment in the account of ICS through NEFT/RTGS/RazorPay/Paytm and/ or demand draft. In case of an international bank transfer, the mode of payment shall be made through the IBAN/SWIFT Modality. ICS does not accept payment through cryptocurrency or credit note. In case of payment by cheque, payment shall only be confirmed through successful encashment. All taxes shall be payable in addition to the amount payable to ICS by the payee unless otherwise stated. Late payments may be subject to interest rate as per prevailing Marginal Cost of Fund Base Lending Rate (MCLR). ICS reserves the right to prescribe the specific mode and method of payment on a case by case basis. 

4. Refund Policy

4.1 As a general principle no refunds will be made against any products and services, except upon cancellation of the said products and services by ICS or inability of ICS to provide the said products and services (as opposed to inability to receive services by the payee for personal difficulty, technological problems or any other reason not attributable to the fault of ICS). 

4.2. ICS prides itself as an educationist rather than a company and a pioneer and market leader in the realm of career counselling and preparatory courses/services. Notwithstanding the general policy of refund, ICS reserves the right to process full or partial refund upon receipt of a request for the same, where such requests are supported with legitimate reasons. Such requests, when made, shall be required to be made in writing and be supported with adequate proof and, in any case, should not be made later than seven days from the date when the occasion or reason to demand such refund first arises. That a refund where given under this sub clause is only for reason of goodwill and discretion and not available as a right. The decision of ICS in respect of such refund shall be final and shall not be subject to any dispute or appeal.