Veterinary Science

What is Veterinary Science ?

Do you love animals ? Have you successfully given “first aid” treatment to your pet before the vet could arrive ? Would you enjoy dealing with the well being of animals as a career ? Then read on …

The veterinarian’s job is to diagnose and treat diseases affecting animals. He / she administers first aid, performs surgery, prescribes medicines and vaccinates animals against diseases. Veterinary science helps safeguard human health through the careful monitoring of livestock, companion animals (domestic pets) and wildlife health. Animals nowadays often receive advanced medical, dental, and surgical care including insulin injections, root canals, hip replacements, cataract extractions and even pacemakers!

Mad Cow disease, egg associated Salmonella, Catkins diet, bacteriology, epidemiology, immunology, parasitology and virology of infectious diseases of food animals, companion animals, equines and wild animals. All aspects of parasitology and zoonotic disease, as well as animal nutrition, equine...

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