ICS regularly conducts Teachers Training Programmes (TTP) in leading schools across the country and in the Middle East, Nepal and Bangladesh.


§  Designed on the basis of a comprehensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the faculty of the client schools.

§  Well researched teaching-learning techniques and methodologies incorporating 21st century educational and pedagogical innovations across the globe.

§  Highly customized with interactive delivery and incorporate experiential learning.


§  to develop a shared understanding of the need for a qualitative transformation in the roles of teachers.

§  to facilitate an understanding in teachers of their personal and professional selves to enhance their core competencies for effective teaching.

§  to understand student learning needs and respond through innovative teaching methodologies.

§  to draw up an Action Plan for excellence and innovation in the teaching – learning process.


§  Group Work

§  Brainstorming

§  Role Plays

§  Lecturettes / Multi-media presentations

§  Presentations

§  Psychometric tests and self-appraisals

§  Resource material


§  Delivering Excellence in Education: The Heart of Teaching Learning Process

§  Innovative Teaching Methodologies

§  The Teachers’ Role in Optimising Pastoral Care

§  The Way Ahead- 21st Century Teaching and Learning- from the Best Practices to the Next Practices

§  Strategies for Optimal and Effective Management of ICT in Schools

§  The Changing Context of Education: The Role of a 21st Century School Teachers

§  Strategies for the Personality Enhancement of students

§  Traumatics to Mathemagics

§  At Ease with English- creative approaches to teaching English

§  Colourful Chemistry

§  Emerging Educational and Career trends