Sound Engineering

What is Sound Engineering ?

Ever tried watching your favourite film, TV programme or music video with the sound muted? Does it retain the same appeal as it had with all its audio effects? The birth of `talkies’ marked an end to the silent era and transformed cinema into a truly audio-visual media. With this, a new breed of technicians acquired a crucial role in filmmaking – the sound or audio engineers. M A Mathew, senior lecturer in sound recording at the prestigious Mass Communication Research Centre (MCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia, is not wrong when he says, “Direction, cinematography, editing and sound recording comprise the four pillars of film-making.”

You will study fundamentals of sound, audio consoles, effects and signal processors, digital audio work stations, acoustic studies, broadcasting, live sound etc. As the sound professionals are expected to have knowledge of magnetism and electricity, a good understanding of the properties of light and sound; an academic background in physics, electronic or electrical engineering is definitely preferable if not a must. Due to the inventions of newer gizmos in music and the use of..

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