Sociology is the scientific study of society which includes patterns of social relationships social interactions and culture. It encompasses various aspects of human life - political, cultural, economic, psychological, historical etc. and establishes interconnectivity between these dimensions. As Sociology can address some of the most critical and challenging issues of global importance, it is  a fast  expanding field.

Careers/ specialisations

  • Counselling
  • Consultancy
  • Computational Social Science (Computer  and Social Science)
  • Environment related fields
  • Gender Studies
  • Health Care
  • Market Research
  • Political Sociology
  • Population studies/ Demography
  • Social Analytics
  • Socio-Legal fields
  • Social Work / NGOs
  • Teaching and Research
  • Urban Studies
  • Women Studies
  • All other non-subject specific careers*

* Advertising and PR, Design, Law, Government Services, Hospitality, Management, Mass Communication and Social work etc.