City of Diverse Cultures, The Garden City, The Fun City and City for the Arts – these are some of the names given to Singapore. Singapore expresses the essence of today’s New Asia: a vibrant, multi-cultural, cosmopolitan, sophisticated city-state where tradition and modernity, East and West, meet and mingle most agreeably and harmoniously.

The arts are part of the Singaporean lifestyle. With its cosmopolitan character and international network, Singapore has become a global city for the arts – in fine arts and antique dealing, auctioneering, exhibitions as well as the staging of world class musicals, theatre productions, mega concerts, and music and dance performances. 

Over the years, Singapore has evolved from its traditional British-based education system to one that endeavours to meet the needs of individuals and seeks to nurture talents. The strength of Singapore’s Education system lies in its bilingual policy (English with Malay/ Mandarin/ Tamil) and a broad-based curriculum where innovation and entrepreneurship command a premium.  Individuals acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in competitive environments, equipped for a brighter future.

Singapore – At a glance

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