Real Estate

What is Real Estate ?

Planning to invest in real estate (land or property) ? Are you looking for local real estate market information?   Whether bought, sold, rented or owned for commercial or residential purposes, it requires tremendous planning, research and strategy. When you plan to buy a house or property, you need to know the most reliable real estate agent to guide you, the best company for home finance and insurance, a reliable company to build the house of your dreams, efficient professionals to design your home, superior quality furniture, and sites to give you landscaping and gardening ideas. Apart from this, you need to know how you can safeguard your home. 

What do I have to do ?

Real Estate agents provide services for buying and selling properties, sale-purchase of residential and commercial plots, villas, flats, offices, shops, etc. They also develop properties after entering into collaboration agreements with the owners of property and deal with registration of property, transfer of properties, etc. They cater to all their clients’ requirements in residential and commercial property dealings...


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