Public Health Administration

What is Public Health Administration?

“A spate of dengue and chikungunya cases all over the country within the past month has health officials worried although the government is not yet ready to call it an epidemic” was the headline news recently. Even as cases of mosquito-borne diseases, dengue and chikungunya continue to rise across India, the government has sought the help of citizens in containing the “public health situation”.

Public Health, sanitation and vital statistics are the most important statutory obligations of  urban local bodies. Under a government statute not less than 30% of the annual revenue of each urban local body is to be earmarked for public health activities. Sweeping of roads, collection, removal and disposal of rubbish, removal of noxious vegetation, the adoption of preventive measures against the spread of communicable diseases, the cleaning and watering of drains, prevention of adulteration of food stuffs, medical and health care of expectant mothers and children through maternity and child welfare centers are a few among the wide range of health activities of urban local bodies.

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