What is a Psychiatry?

If you want to be in the medical profession; are interested in studying the functioning of the human mind and its intricacies; and have a keen desire to help patients with mental health problems, then Psychiatry offers a challenging and stimulating career. 

Psychiatry deals with mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. One of the most important activities of a psychiatrist is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients through medication, counselling, psychotherapy or electrotherapy etc. Psychiatrists often work within a team of professionals including social workers, clinical psychologists and occupational therapists.

Various subspecialties and/or theoretical approaches exist which are related to the field of Psychiatry. They include the following:

Biological Psychiatry; an approach to psychiatry that aims to understand mental disorder in terms of the biological function of the nervous system.

Child and adolescent Psychiatry; a branch of psychiatry that specialises in work with children, teenagers, and their families.

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