Print Technology

What is Print Technology ?
In our information era, printing and publishing are one of the largest industries. If you want to be part of this industry, perhaps set up a unit of your own, have mechanical ability, manual dexterity and an appreciation for electronics, then this will appeal to you. It’s a cool career for the hi-tech mechanical or electronics-oriented person. Perceptual and creative aptitude is an added advantage. It is a multi-disciplinary profession, dealing with integration of text and graphic to make a final print by transferring ink on paper or board or other materials.

Print technology is about processes used in printing. Details depend on the end product: lithography, gravure or screen printing. Printers tend to specialise, as each product calls for slightly different presses and folding, binding and glueing processes. The latest process being used is the chemical process known as offset printing.

The main specialisations are general printing (mail order coupons to catalogues); books; high-quality colour printing (cards, brochures, fine art reproduction); newspapers; security printing (bank notes or bond issues); cartons (food and other packaging); magazines; stationery; metal...

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