Plastic and Rubber Technology

What is Plastic and Rubber Technology?

The plastics industry is an expanding one with new products and applications being developed all the time. Plastic goods are used throughout the world with everything from household goods to the most advanced products using the latest technology. Among the first plastics was celluloid, developed from cellulose and manufactured from the 1860’s, polymers followed in the 1920’s. The range of uses is endless because plastic is so versatile. There are roughly 24 main types, including polythene, polypropylene, melamine and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) which is very hard. Plastic has many properties  –  it is strong and light, soft and flexible; moulded and rigid shapes; heat resistant and free from corrosion. It can be welded, pre-coloured, printed upon or be used to coat or laminate goods. Plastic is malleable (able to be shaped) when it is not known as thermoplastic.

Another type, thermosetting plastic is malleable when it is first heated and formed but when further heat is applied it is ‘cured’ setting like pottery in a kiln, and is permanently shaped...


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