What is Physiotherapy ?

Jyoti had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years and her condition only worsened with age. In desperation, she tried physiotherapy. Besides relieving the pain, the treatment improved and maintained her muscle strength. After six months of vigorous exercise and electrical muscle stimulation, along with lifestyle changes, Jyoti could walk normally.

More than 90 per cent of joint pains and dysfunctions are cured successfully through a supervised rehabilitation program, which includes hands-on treatment techniques, exercises and preventive education.

Physiotherapy may be defined as a science that seeks to improve movement dysfunction, promote optimal health and functions of the human body. It involves the assessment, maintenance, restoration of the physical function and performance of the body and is strongly recommended for people with degenerative disorders, the physically challenged, sportspersons and those suffering from arthritis and neurological disorders. This preventive and remedial procedure is often used as a supplement with oral medicines. It could also include heat radiation, water therapy, massages, diathermy, traction and other procedures.

Ultimately, physiotherapy helps...

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