What is a Paediatrician?

Choosing a doctor for your child is a task that deserves a lot of thought and some amount of research, because even if your child stays relatively healthy, you can bet on spending a significant amount of time in your paediatrician’s office – Height, weight check-ups, colic, vaccination shots, bumps and bruises … so making sure that you’ve got the right doctor for your child is absolutely imperative. And once chosen, the ideal is to maintain continuity in the child-paediatrician relationship.

A paediatrician provides specialist medical services to children from birth up to and including adolescence. They promote positive health and disease prevention in childhood and adolescence, advise on immunisation against communicable diseases, liaise with other health, education and welfare agencies.

Paediatrics is a tough but very attractive speciality.  It is a very broad based field of medicine and as a Consultant Paediatrician you may find yourself practicing simultaneously the opposite ends of the spectrum.  As a Paediatrician you are involved from neo natal intensive care to behavioural paediatrics.

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