What is Ophthalmology?

Laser Eye Surgery, Wavefront Treatment for Irregular Astigmatism, Excimer LASIK, Laser Thermal Keratoplasty, eye plastics and orbital surgery, pan – retinal photocoagulation –  all this and more constitutes Ophthalmology.

Eyes are the most precious organs of the body. As a philosopher said, they are the windows to our soul. Our perception of the visual world follows from a sequence of events leading from the eye to the brain. Understanding the normal function of the eye enables us to identify where and how the eye fails in disease states.

The brain mechanisms underlying the almost magical process of visual perception are one of the most fascinating challenges of modern science. In recent times remarkable progress has been made towards establishing the elements of an understanding of the way the visual world is recreated in our brain. There is an astonishing complexity and number of specialised, highly interconnected cortical regions. Each plays a unique role in processing a particular aspect of the input from the eyes. Experts have made large contributions to the understanding of the anatomy and...

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