Nuclear Medicine

What is Nuclear Medicine?

If you have an interest in the health sciences and computer technology and are looking for a people-oriented career, you could consider nuclear medicine technology.

Nuclear Medicine deals with the technique of medical imaging. It is a branch of medicine that is used for diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. It uses radioisotopes to study the physiology and metabolism of the body. Computers and other equipments are used in this study. This imaging process is applicable to anatomical as well as physiological aspects.

Nuclear medicine has evolved as a major medical speciality for both diagnosis and therapy of serious diseases. Many of the nuclear medicine studies can measure the degree of function present in an organ, often eliminating the need for surgery. It is nuclear medicine that can best be used to study the function of a damaged heart, or restriction of blood flow to parts of the brain. The liver, kidneys, thyroid gland and many other organs are similarly imaged.

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