Naval Architecture

What is Naval Architecture?

Advanced hydrodynamics, computer aided design, low observables technology, propulsor design, pollution control systems and specialized structural and hull form design … this is not a missile but a ship in the making ! If you are interested in all of this, then naval architecture can be an exciting field.

To design a ship is an extremely challenging but immensely interesting task. An undergraduate education in naval architecture will provide you the tools to begin pursuing this challenging field. Naval Architecture involves the application of engineering principles to the ocean environment.

What do I have to do ?

Naval architects are responsible for the design, development, construction and repair of surface and underwater vessels and operating systems. These include civil and military vessels (eg, merchant ships and warships); submarines; high speed craft (eg, hovercraft); yachts; recreational craft; offshore drilling platforms and other marine structures. They have to safely and efficiently move a variety of cargoes across the world’s oceans (cruise liners, tankers...

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