“If you want success in your practice, wealth and fame and heaven after your death, you must pray everyday on rising and going to bed for the welfare of all beings ... you must not betray your patients, even at the cost of your own life ... you must be pleasant of speech and thoughtful, always striving to improve  your knowledge. When you go to the home of a patient you should direct your words, mind, and intellect and senses nowhere but to your patient and his treatment ...” These are the rules of professional behavior laid down by the famous physician of ancient India, Charaka. It reminds us of what we must uphold in the field of medicine.

The Medical Profession is one of the oldest and most respectable professions. The Physicians have always been highly respected in society. The Vedas contain references of medical and physiological lore. The compedia of Charaka   (1st-2nd centuries AD) and Susruta (4th century AD) are producers of a fully evolved system of medicine and surgery which resembled those of Hippocrates and Galen in some respects and in others had developed beyond them. This pharmacopoeia of ancient India was very large and comprised animal, vegetable and mineral products. Many Asian drugs were known and used long before their introduction into Europe, notably the oil of the chaulamgra tree, traditionally prescribed for leprosy and is still the basis of modern treatment of the disease

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