What is Mechatronics ?

Intelligent control, modeling and design, system integration, actuators and sensors, motion control, vibration and noise control, micro devices and optoelectronic systems ….all this and much more comprises the field of Mechatronics.

Mechatronics refers to the efficient and effective integration of mechanical systems and electronics. It is a blend of mechanics and electronics, and has come to mean the synergistic use of:

– precision engineering
–  control theory
– computer science
– mathematics
– sensor technology, to design enhanced or “smart” products, processes and systems.

It integrates the classical fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science/information technology. Its application areas range from power systems to transportation to optical telecommunications to biomedical engineering, along with a host of others. Mechatronic systems are almost everywhere you look.

Mechatronics has enabled the successful realisation of systems such as the Mars Rover. The Mars Rover was the product of several years of research and development to ensure engineers on earth could effectively control the Rover. It had to be.

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