Mathematics is the study of number, form, arrangement and associated relationships using numerical and operational symbols. It is the science of order. Mathematicians seek to identify instances of order and to formulate and understand concepts that enable us to perceive order in complicated situations.

Careers/ specialisations

  • Actuarial Science (Insurance)
  • Architecture
  • Banking, Finance and Investment
  • Behavioural Finance (Psychology and Finance)
  • Civil Aviation (Physics and Maths)
  • Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Software Engineering, Cybernetics
  • Defence Services - Airforce and Navy (Physics and Maths)
  • Engineering (Physics, Chemistry and Maths)
  • Financial Engineering
  • Indian Statistical Services
  • Management and Finance related fields
  • Market Research
  • Merchant Navy (Physics, Chemistry and Maths)
  • Operational Research (finding mathematical solutions to business problems)
  • Pharmacy (Physics, Chemistry and Maths)
  • Teaching and Research
  • Scientist
  • All other non-subject specific careers*

* Advertising and PR, Design, Law, Government Services, Hospitality, Management, Mass Communication and Social work etc.