Materials Science

What is Materials Science ?

Materials have always been important to the advance of civilization: entire eras are represented by them. After evolving from the Stone Age through the Bronze and Iron Ages, now in the modern era we have vast numbers of “tailored” materials to make use of. We are really living in the Materials Age. Materials science and engineering is arguably one of the most important engineering discipline today.

Work and study in the field of materials science and engineering is grounded in an understanding of why materials behave the way they do, and encompasses how materials are made and how new ones can be developed. For example, the way materials are processed is often important. People in the Iron Age discovered this when they learned that soft iron could be heated and then quickly cooled to make a material hard enough to plow the earth; and the same strategy is used today to make high-strength aluminum alloys for jet aircraft. Today we demand more from our materials than mechanical strength, of course–electrical, optical, and magnetic properties, for example, are.

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