Leather Technology

What is Leather Technology?

Leather is very much a part of everyday life, and is always in demand for fashion, sport and comfort. Leather today is not used just for jackets, wallets or cushions, it is in demand in the fashion industry due to creative designs that match your taste and lifestyle.

Leather technologists use a variety of chemical processes in the preparation, treatment and finishing of leather. They use scientific and technical skills to make sure the leather production cycle runs efficiently and safely, and that finished products meet quality standards.

Understanding the reactions and processes occurring during leather manufacture involves a fascinating blend of the strict disciplines of the pure sciences with the practicalities of the continuous production of a material whose aesthetic appeal must be maintained, whilst creating its utilitarian properties. The pure sciences involved are chemistry, physics, biochemistry and microbiology, combined with mechanical and chemical engineering, polymer sciences, statistics, computing and management.

What do I have to do?

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