Instrumentation Engineering

What is Instrumentation Engineering ?

Instrumentation Engineering provides knowledge and skill development in understanding and applying the instrumentation used to measure, record and control process variables (such as flow, temperature, level and pressure). Instrumentation Engineering is the “art” of connecting multiple disciplines of engineering. Measurement and controls, the two facets of instrumentation, have brought technology to an unprecedented degree of precision. Control works to keep these variables at a desired level of safe, economic and other constrained values.

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering etc have emerged as separate branches consequent to the need and importance of detailed study on the use of computers and other electronics equipments in measurements, instrumentation, real time control etc. for applications such as process industries, automated manufacturing, medical diagnosis, guidance and navigation. Most of the mechanical and optical instruments have been substituted by electronic equipments due to their advantages like low power consumption, accuracy, size, flexibility and high speed of operation. The advancements in this area have largely replaced direct human involvement in monitoring, measurement and control, particularly in hazardous..

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