Home Science

What is Home Science?

Home Science or Home Management is a skill which is a blend of science and art. It is not limited to activities within the home and the study of Home Science forms the basis of challenging professions in the field of Dietetics, Food and Nutrition, Public Health, Child Development. Moreover, work in this field makes connections with all kinds of disciplines such as design, sociology, languages, mathematics, industrial development, business management, public relations and the media.

You need to be articulate, self confident and a good communicator. The work provides an outlet for creative people with a sympathetic understanding of human needs and the ability to use their own initiative. You also require patience and sense of humour. For some types of work, notably research and development, a scientific and analytical approach is required together with meticulous accuracy.

What should I study?

You can opt for Home Science as a subject at the Plus Two/ Intermediate level and it is recognized by CBSE and the...

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