Energy Engineering

What is Energy Engineering ?

“The human appetite for energy appears to be insatiable. There are good reasons for the continued growth of energy consumption in the future: the survival needs of the underprivileged billions, increased adult life expectations stemming from the population boon… and the desirable goal of improved quality of life for everyone. But there are equally good reasons for carefully examining what the consequences of energy growth will be after present consumption rates have quadrupled. When do we melt the polar icepacks? How much land can we afford to set aside for energy plants? How much photosynthetic smog can we tolerate?”

-Alfred M. Worden, Proceedings of the First World Energy Engineering Congress in 1978.  

There exists an inherent link between energy, the environment and sustainability. Energy efficiency is a vital component of a sustainable future. Energy, the patterns of energy use and the processes of energy production, distribution, transportation and consumption are inherently linked to sustainability. Energy is a resource. How energy is used and how efficiently it is used has environmental impacts. High social costs are experienced

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