Electronic Engineering

What do you come out with?

B.Tech /B.E. in Electronic Engineering.

Why do it?

You have an interest and aptitude in the practical applications of electronic devices. You also have the ability to think logically and are good at Physics and Maths. This could be an ideal field for you as with increasing demand for digital electronics and computerization as well as communication systems, electronic engineers have challenging career prospects.

What is it about?

From healthcare to space research, TV sets to iPods, electronics engineers can handle anything. Electronic Engineering focuses on new age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunications to computers and micro processors.

How long is the degree?

Four years.

How is it packaged?

The course is closely linked with computation and neural systems, applied physics, computer science and control and applied dynamic systems. Some of the topics covered are :  Analog electronics, electro-mechanical energy conversion, circuits and signals, power systems, electronics devices and integrated circuits, communication systems, digital electronics, electro-magnetic fields and waves, power electronics, integrated electronics, opto-electronic devices, circuits and...

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