ICS-ACE has trained over 500 principals and 15,000 teachers. The programmes of ICS-ACE for the educators keeping in mind the 4 pillars of education:

  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to live together
  • Learning to be’ and ‘focus on forming rather than merely informing the mind'

The centre regularly conducts leadership and management related programmes for school leaders, principals and edu-leaders.

Our Programmes:


o   Global Leadership Conclave: Leading Schools in the 21st Century held in Singapore in association with the S.P. Jain Centre of Management, Singapore. The Conclave brought together eminent school Principals from India, Middle East and South East Asia, providing a platform for sharing of novel and innovative ideas and hands on experiences on leadership.

o   Collaborative Training Programmes with IIM-Lucknow:

§  For Principals of Kendriya Vidyalas, Navodya Vidyalayas and other government schools on themes such as leadership, pedagogy etc.

§  Seminars on Redefining School Leadership

o   Conceptualised, developed content and designed seminars and conclaves for school leaders on issues related with 21st Century education with universities;

§  Conclave on ICT in Schools with Amity University, Lucknow on safe and effective use of ICT.

§  School Counsellor’s Conclave with Ashoka University, NCR on issues such as mentoring and pastoral care besides the counselling and career guidance.

o   ICS held a Consultation of Edu-leaders on Education Today, Preparing our Students for the Future: “From the Best Practices to the Next Practices” on November 23, 2015 in Lucknow, to commemorate its thirty years of existence.  The “Consultation” brought together over 60 leading Principals and eminent Educationists pan-India and Bangladesh to identify and strategize on the best practices in education.

The discussions culminated in developing a “standards driven” conducive teaching-learning environment.