Development Studies

What is Development Studies ?

In an increasingly muti-polar world,  knowledge of ‘developing countries’ is particularly relevant. Development Studies analyses social, political and cultural change in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the Caribbean and South America. It deals with such key issues as globalisation, inequality, poverty, gender relations, ethnicity and cultural representation.

The subject has taken on a much broader meaning than simply economic development, and now has ecological, cultural and moral implications. How does development affect the environment and human rights? How do religious and other cultural values influence economic development? If you have a global perspective or if you are fascinated by other cultures, Development Studies offers new opportunities in the world of work.
Development Studies is concerned with the understanding and analysis of processes which are transforming people’s lives throughout the world. There has been a realisation that the solutions suggested, need to recognise cultural, social and environmental differences and that Western science and technology has to work with, and learn from, indigenous knowledge systems. Development Studies, therefore, is an approach which seeks to understand differences, examine key development issues and...

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