What is Dermatology?

“I am looking for a dermatologist. I have sensitive/fair skin with lot’s of broken capillaries, mild scarring and more wrinkles than I should for my age-I would love a product or procedure that would address some of these issues”…

Peels and lasers for sun damaged skin, scarring and wrinkles on face, skin cancer, mole removal, sebaceous cysts ….these problems and many more are dealt with by dermatologists. Dermatology is a specialised field of medicine concerned with treating disorders and diseases related to nail, hair and skin. It answers the complete information needs of practitioners concerned with progress in research related to skin, clinical dermatology and therapy.


What do I have to do?

The work profile of a dermatologist is to diagnose the disease causing skin problems and to provide medical treatment to cure that affected area. Dermatologists deal with a wide variety of diseases including acne, warts, multiple inflammatory dermatoses, skin cancers, ulcers, and other dermatological and venereal diseases.

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