What is Criminology ?

‘Domestic Violence, Separation and Parenting’, ‘War against Terrorism’ ‘Migration, Identity and the State’ etc. all these are part of Criminology which is the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior and law enforcement.  Criminology is an advanced, theoretical field of study. It can be defined as the study of crime, the causes of crime (etiology), the meaning of crime in terms of law, and community reaction to crime. It embraces scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the etiology, prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency.  This includes the measurement and detection of crime, legislation and practice of criminal law, as well as the law enforcement, judicial and correctional systems.

Criminology also has specialized divisions such as Corrections and Sentencing, Critical Criminology, Women and Crime, International Criminology, and Crime against minorities, Juvenile delinquency, drug abuse etc.

Critical Criminology deals with questions of social, political and economic justice. Critical Criminology is for academicians and researchers and deals with issues that include class, gender, race/ethnicity and heterosexism.

Criminology, as avocation, is...

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