Construction & Infrastructure Management

What is Construction and Infrastructure Management ?

Streets, highways, and sidewalks; public transportation; street lighting and traffic control systems; potable water supply; wastewater and drainage, parks, recreation facilities, and public open spaces; communications systems; public buildings; solid waste handling and disposal; etc. If all these facilities and systems interest you, then construction and infrastructure management is the field for you.

Infrastructure Management deals with the processes necessary for the planning and development of new infrastructures in a cost-effective manner, and in maintaining and operating mature infrastructures for sustainability. It includes infrastructure planning, infrastructure economics, condition assessment and procedures, infrastructure management systems, optimal maintenance management, reliability of infrastructure systems, asset valuation and utilization, and infrastructure planning under risk and uncertainty.

The Construction and Infrastructure Management course prepares students to become effective managers and decision-makers familiar with modern techniques of construction management, and infrastructure management.

Research areas in Construction and Infrastructure Management revolve around the use of systems models in construction, planning and control, system dynamics modeling and simulation for learning, information technology, automated techniques for...

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