Computer Engineering

What is  it  about ?

No technology in the world has shown more rapid progress than that of computers and few technologies have had the impact on our lives and the way we work as information technology. Both these trends will accelerate during the next decade. Computers today are indispensable in optimising performance in almost every field of work from space science, genetic, medical science, meteorology, agriculture, navigation, office automation, teaching to design, music and films. The figure movements and sound of the Dinosaurs in the film `Jurassic Park’ were entirely created by computers.

Computer engineering is the creative application of engineering principles and methods to the design and development of hardware and software systems. A Computer Engineer is someone who

  • designs the control system for an automated production line in the manufacturing industry
  • creates software for digital telephone switching systems
  • plans and supervises the installation of a Local Area Computer Network (LAN)
  • develops a new operating system for a client with specific needs
  • investigates methods of creating smaller, more powerful computer chips using VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)


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