Ceramic Engineering

What is Ceramic Engineering ?

Ceramic engineering converts processed and raw materials taken directly from the earth (clay, sand etc.) into useful products like spark plugs, glass, electronic components, nuclear materials, abrasives, rocket components, and even tableware. High temperature processing is the key to ceramic engineering and the products are always inorganic, non metallic solids. From a single chemical source, ceramic engineers make useful materials in many forms. Carbon as diamond is used as an abrasive for grinding, carbon in the form of graphite is used for lubricating, as glass for crucibles and as fibre for cloth !


It’s a fascinating field of engineering and is a combination of design, texture, and colour. The demand for innovative products whether it is pottery, tiles, or communications is increasing at a rapid pace. It gives you an opportunity to implement creative ideas and see them crystallise in the form of unique products.

What do I have to do ?

As a ceramic engineer, you may

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