From the Harappan cities, Egyptian Pyramids, Babylonian irrigation systems, oriental terracing and Roman amphitheaters to today's bridges, subways and skyscrapers, people throughout the ages have performed amazing feats to build their dreams into reality. Architecture is a judicious blend of Art, Science and Business. It is an art of creating a vision; the science of breaking that vision into fragments and putting them back together again into a practical form and shape; and the business of organizing and managing this reconstruction within the financial constraints.




The role of an architect is to design and help create the buildings in which we live and work. Since architects are responsible for the original concept, they are also involved in each subsequent stage, from design through construction upto the final completion of a building project. Some architects may concentrate on design work but this can depend on the type of organisation or firm they are working for and the types of projects undertaken.


An Architects work involves design, which requires both artistic and scientific skills.  Architects receive a set of instructions from their clients or employers, roughly indicating the type of building required and the estimated budget available. The building may be residential, commercial or industrial. Each building may be designed from scratch or alternatively, existing structures may be converted, for example, turning houses into flats.

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