What is an Anaesthetist?

Emergency case ….. a patient is wheeled into the operation theatre, an intravenous injection is given to make the patient unconscious, followed by a mixture of opiates and anaesthetic gases to keep the patient unconscious. A muscle relaxant is given to relax muscles of the patient to help the surgeon. Oxygen is administered constantly, initially with a mask over the face, and then through a breathing tube inserted through the mouth into the windpipe, after the patient is unconscious. A mechanical breathing machine, called a ventilator, is attached. All the patient’s bodily functions are carefully controlled and monitored. 50 minutes later, the surgery is complete, the effect of the muscle relaxants is reversed with two other drugs, and the anaesthetic gases discontinued. The patient is now conscious and able to breathe without help, the ventilator is stopped and the breathing tube removed. All intravenous drugs and anaesthetic gases are administered in appropriate amounts so that the patient is completely unconscious during the surgery, but awake and pain free at the end.

This is what an anaesthetic undergoes for each...

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