Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ?

Does the roar of an airplane excite you ? Do you ever wonder what makes the plane work ? If you’re interested in the mechanics of an aircraft then Aircraft Maintenance Engineering could be the field for you. Making a modern aircraft flyworthy cannot be made possible without the technical skill and hard work of a group of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) and Technicians. All maintenance on the aircraft must be certified by a licenced AME. All aircraft are maintained regularly and Aircraft maintenance engineers are responsible for keeping the aircraft in perfect flying condition.

The most important aspect in the aviation industry is safety and it is the responsibility of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to check the aircraft and issue the certificate that the aircraft is fit for flying . No aircraft can take off without clearance or air worthiness certificate obtained from an appropriately licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

In order to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, one should obtain a licence from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).


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