Air Traffic Controller

What is air traffic control?

“Cleared to land runway Two Seven, wind Two Nine Zero degrees One two knots.”

The soft and relaxed voice from the ground has a soothing effect on the pilot who completes his tiring journey by making a successful landing. It’s a wonder for many, how an aircraft reaches its final destination, and who are the people involved in the process of safe flight and landing. We know about the pilot, but much less about those who remain behind the screen and shoulder the responsibility of guiding the flights from the starting of an engine at the departure aerodrome to its landing destination.

Aviation has come a long way since the days when the safe operation of an aircraft was based purely on the ‘See and be seen” principle. With the aircraft closing speeds in excess of 1000 mph, and increasing density of air traffic, the impracticability of reliance upon such a system is obvious.

The need to safeguard passengers, crew and aircraft is now met by...


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