Aeronautical Engineering

What is Aeronautical Engineering ?

Aeronautical Engineering, or as some would prefer to call it ‘training to be a rocket scientist’, is technologically one of the most advanced branches in engineering today. This branch of engineering involves examining, analyzing, designing, manufacturing and occasionally installing components that make up civilian and defense aircrafts, spacecraft, high-altitude vehicles, and high-altitude delivery systems (missiles). The focus is mainly on design and development and could possibly involve space and satellite research too.

What do I have to do ?

Aeronautical engineering graduates work in all areas of the aircraft and airline industries. They also work in other high technological industries such as motor manufacturing and offshore oil and gas extraction. These engineers –

– design, develop or produce new commercial or military aircraft
– develop more powerful, but also more eco-friendly jet engines
– manage the tight schedules of aircraft servicing and turnaround for a major airline
– devise wind tunnel tests to predict wind loads on a new sports complex
– conduct a flight test..

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