Cabin Crew

What is Cabin Crew ?

“It’s a lot of fun .. but there’s plenty of hard work involved and you must be prepared to work very unsociable hours. However, it’s also a rewarding career. I enjoy working as cabin crew as every day is different and the job is a constant challenge. You get to meet people from all walks of life and work alongside a variety of warm, fun loving colleagues. We provide the best possible service to our passengers, whilst making their travel and our working day a safe, happy and pleasant experience!” comments a cabin crew member of one of the major airlines.

It’s the age of the jumbo and the jet-set. Everybody seems to fly these days; from the statesman winging his way to another crisis meeting, to the family next door taking their annual holiday in Spain or some other spot in the sun. They fly in aircraft in which a high standard of safety and service are first priorities. Among those helping to provide service are the stewards / stewardesses, who combine the...



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