Town Planning

What is it about?

The industrial revolution has led to heavy pollution of our towns and cities which have expanded inorganically and can best be described as masonry jungles. Effective town planning today involves reversing these trends and greening our towns and cities through eco friendly and energy efficient innovative means. Sydney, Barcelona and London have already set the trend !


The key aspect of town planning is how land is used and how people are affected by its development. It is not just a degree for people who want a career as a town planner. Studying this discipline can also lead to careers in law, accountancy, teaching, landscape architecture and many others.


What do I have to do ?

Town planners have to take into account many different perspectives including:

  • environmental and aesthetic – what impact new development has on the local environment and how it would look . They protect our countryside, trees, forests, grasslands, waterways, rivers and shorelines
  • creating policies for...

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