What is Theology ?

The New Age has witnessed an upsurge in existentialism as well as an increasing spiritual quest. Courses like the Art of Living and Vipassana attract large numbers of people. Talks by “new age” gurus draw large crowds. Herein lies an opportunity for those who have mastered both themselves and a particular theology.

The term theology comes from the combination of theos (Greek for god) and logos (Greek for word or dialogue). Theology is most broadly understood as a “discussion regarding God”. (It is often said that theology may be defined as a “discussion of God”, which intends the same meaning.) Thus any religion involving such dialogue will require some form of theology !

Muslim theologists study major themes in Muslim theology and doctrine from the Koran to contemporary Muslim thinkers; the interdependence between theology and politics in the Umayyad and Abbasid era; the emergence of “Sunnism” in the tenth-eleventh centuries, and the reaction of modern Muslim theology (from 1800) to the challenges of the West. Muslim theological law is called Sharia.

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