Technical Writing

What is Technical Writing ?

Releasing a new version of your software? Developing a new product that needs a great user manual? To be happy with the results and ultimately save money, you should hire a technical writer at the start. “Writing skills are fundamental in business,” observed a respondent. “It’s increasingly important to be able to convey content in a succinct, logical, direct manner, particularly in a fast-paced technological environment.”

Technical writers create documentation for a specific technology. Their responsibility, like graphic designers’, is to effectively communicate a message, by writing text that is accurate, readable, and accessible. They should be adept at tackling topics that are unfamiliar and analyzing the information in order to create a coherent document.

Technical Writing bridges the gap between technology and its users. It simplifies jargon and complex technological procedures into a language that is accessible to the layperson through media such as user manuals or instruction brochures. Technical documents range from online documents and online help to hard copy manuals and quick start guides. It enables...

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