Tea Tasting

What is Tea Tasting ?

It is only an excellent cup that truly cheers and taste is perceptible only by the human palate – no wonder that the professional art of tea tasting is viewed with a tinge of awe and wonderment.

The liquid tea is poured into a bowl. The taster checks the flavour of the tea by sipping the liquid and allowing it to linger there long enough for the flavour to be appreciated. He then spits it out. The infused leaves and the dry leaves are also inspected. The taster assesses the flavour, smell, colour and the uniformity of size of the dry leaves.

Learning about tea is fascinating – its about using your Senses – a discerning awareness and appreciation. Tasting tea is just about as artful as tasting wine. Tea tasters have their own vocabulary to describe and evaluate various teas. These include: aroma (the odor of the tea liquor); astringency (puckery sensation created by the reaction of tannins and protein in saliva); body (tactile sensation or weight), muscatel (characteristic found similar to grapes); full...

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