What is Sociology ?

Global terrorism, drug abuse, gender equity, child labour, racial discrimination, and fundamentalism are related to the state of society and come within the purview of Sociology – the study of society or community. Of all the social sciences, sociology encompasses various aspects of human life – political, cultural, economic, psychological, historical etc. and establishes interconnectivity between these dimensions. August Comte – the founding father of Sociology – used the term sociology for the first time to refer to the systematic study of social structures, processes and change. Sociology as a field of study gained prominence due to the upheavals caused during the French and Industrial revolutions. The intellectual community of that time attempted to analyze and establish the reasons behind rapid changes. The advent of modernity has resulted in number of traditional institutions undergoing change. It is the task of sociology to explore dimensions of the what, how and why of these transformations.

Although all social sciences study different aspects of social life, what is distinct about Sociology is its approach that provides us a picture beyond the observable and explains...

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