Public Administration

What is Public Administration?

What policies and programmes will the departments / ministries like Health, Education, Transportation, and Commerce be initiating or changing next? Every facet of our daily lives is impacted in some way by the actions of the central, state, or local government that manage and organize the public life of the country and its citizens. Public administration trains the policy analyst who brings analytical skills to the task of advising public servants on the merits of particular public policy issues. They evaluates programmes as to which would best serve the interests of the constituents in the most cost-effective way, as well as the public manager who implements public policy programmes and oversees or directs the operation of the programme on a day-to-day basis.

Public administration is the study of public units and their relationships with each other and with the larger world: how the public sector is organized and managed; how public policy structures the design of government programmes that we rely upon; how our states, cities, and towns work with the government to realize their goals and plan for ...

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