Population Studies/ Demography

What is Population Studies / Demography ?

Six billion people share the planet’s resources and shape global society – six billion people with greatly varying lifestyles and living conditions. Their life stories, in terms of vital events (births and deaths) and life events such as marriage, divorce and migration, are what Population Studies is about. Population-level trends and patterns, such as ageing, fertility levels, migration flows, spatial distributions and health differences, can be traced to the choices that individuals make, in the context in which they live. Therefore, understanding human behaviour is the key to understanding population change. Emphasis within Population Studies is on the study of life events, such as birth, marriage, divorce, changes in health, migration, entrance of the labour market, and death.

Demographic trends describes the changes in demographics in a population over time. For example, the average age of a population may increase over time. It may decrease as well as certain restrictions may be in place, for instance in China if the population is high.

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