What is Physics ?

Physics is a branch of science concerned with laws that govern the structure of the universe, the forms of matter and energy and their interactions. It attempts to explain the nature of the physical world from the movements of the planets to the smallest sub atomic particles like quarks, leptons and mesons.

Physics is usually divided into two large categories – classic and modern. Classic physics is primarily concerned with matter, motion, and energy, magnetism, optics, acoustics, heat, thermodynamics and electricity.

Modern physics is concerned with the structure of the physical world and contains a number of different disciplines including atomic, nuclear, particle, solid state, and fluid physics.

Physicists use mathematical terms to describe the structure and the behaviour of the universe and study energy in all forms with the structure of matter and with the relationship between energy and matter.

What do I have to do ?

You will study Physical quantities, standards and units, laws of gravitation, mechanics...

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