Library and Information Management

What is Library & Information Management ?

Are you passionate about reading and love to be surrounded by books ? Do you like cataloging information resources ? Would you like to make significant contributions to the study of information ? Do you wish to further these goals by teaching and advisory work, by research and scholarly publication, and by service to the school, the University, and the professional community. ? If your answer is yes to these questions, then Library and Information management could be the ideal career for you.

Libraries are centres for disseminating knowledge and information and facilitating research and reference as well as leisure through books, periodicals, micro-films, slides, videos, and CDs. All the resource material is systematically catalogued and arranged by librarians, who are essentially information managers. The role of a librarian has changed from being a mere custodian of books to that of an information expert. Since libraries have been computerized, information can be compiled from the web as well. The New Age Librarian is also referred to as the knowledge liaison officer or the information specialist.


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