What is Imagineering ?

Imagineering is a term which combines imagination and engineering. The term is most often associated with the Disney corporation, which maintains an enormous staff of imagineers to design new resorts, water parks, hotels, theme parks, branded cruise ships, and other Disney real estate holdings.

They have been developing ideas and attractions for Disney parks. Disney’s CEO, Michael Eisner claims that “Imagineers turn impossible dreams into real magic”.

It also applies to other industries where staff of highly trained individuals work together to develop and execute a concept, usually on a large scale like a theme park or branded hotel. Imagineering is a demanding, fun, and interesting career, and people with all kinds of skills can become part of an imagineering team. It promotes the role that arts and creativity can play in developing vibrant, healthy, sustainable communities and environments.

Trained engineers who can work out the mechanics of a ride or structure are very valuable, but so are individuals with creative talent and imagination who can dream...


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